Greenwood Chinchillas
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Chinchilla History

This is a list of all of the breeders’ codes that have been found on pedigrees that we have come across.  If you are aware of any additions please let us know so that they can be added - also if any errors are noted please also inform us!

Even if you are only a pet breeder, it does pay to assign a code number to each kit you do sell - as at some point in the future it or its descendants may be used in a breeding program.

This list is updated as often as information becomes available and cross posted to Chinchilla World (with permission) - if you find this list on any other site please notify us as soon as possible as it takes a lot of work and effort to maintain.

Events Timeline




The Spaniards discover the Chinchilla. Queen Isabella of Spain receives a Chinchilla coat.


The first written record of Chinchillas appears: accredited to Josef de Acosta


The first "Lanigera" comes to London Zoo, the first held in captivity worldwide


 "Lanigera" shown for the first time at Hamburg Zoo in Germany


With 500 Brevicaudatas Sir John Murray (Englishman), working in Chile tries to develop the breed.  This was the first known chinchilla breeding farm.


On 29 July 1882 Mathias Ferrel Chapman was born.


Dr. Pechuel-Loesche editor of the mammal section of Brehm’s Tierleben 1893 edition states that observation of the Chinchilla has drawn to a conclusion they can live without drinking liquids


Fransico Irrazaval of Santiago  received a pair of Chinchillas from the province of Coquimbo. The first offspring were born that same year in October. Every year after they would have two litters a year one in March the other in October. An epidemic in the summer of 1898 killed all of his 13 Chinchillas within a 2-month period.


Frederico Alberrt, director of the zoological and botanical research station in Santiago, Chile, asked the government to protect the Chinchilla and develop a management program, this was ignored.


Bolivia, Chile, Argentina as well as Peru governments decide to restrict the number of pelts obtained to stop the wild chinchilla being made extinct


Chapman captured his first Chinchillas


Decree Law was passed which authorized the Director General of Hunting and Fishing to issue individual case licenses to establish domesticated Chinchilla breeding pens and the trapping of a stated number of wild Chinchilla to stock them.   The quota of 50 animals was trapped over a four-month period.  These animals that were caught were of the Lanigera species of Chinchilla


A second application was granted in 1921 and among these were some of the Brevicaudata species of Chinchilla. These were found a considerable distance from the breeding farm over the Bolivian border and had to be smuggled in.  


With 11 animals Chapman in San Pedro, Chapman begins his Chinchilla Ranching.


Chapman moves his herd to Inglewood


Fritz Ferger has the first Brevicaudata birth in captivity
Chapman started selling animals to other breeders to establish their own herds


On 28 December 1934 Mathias Ferrel Chapman, died at the age of 54


Establishment of the first Chinchilla organization NCBA, in Salt Lake town center (Utah/USA)


Fritz Ferger delivers the first Brevicaudata  into the USA


National Chinchilla Breeders of America, Inc. was started and published their first magazine.


Chinchilla Breeder OF Canada (N.C.B.C.) is created


Establishment of the Chinchilla Association OF America (C.A.A.)


Chinchilla Fur Breeders Association Ltd was formed in the UK following the first imports


Petrol Wellman reports in New York State on the first Recessive beige


On the Ranch "Blythe Wilson" in California the first dominant gene factor chinchilla appeared:  the white Chinchilla.


The first beige Chinchilla is born to  Ned Jensen in Oregon


G. Writer creates the "Chinchilla post office". An independent magazine for the promotion of the European Chinchilla.


The first Violet Chinchilla was born in Rhodesia/Africa, and was sold to  Lloyd Sullivan's farm in California


The first Black velvet (Gunning Black) is mentioned by Robert Gunning in Washington State.


Merle Larson shows the first sapphire Chinchilla to the world.


Violets were born in Rhodesia, S. Africa and moved to the Sullivan Ranch in California.


Chinchilla Fur Breeders Association Ltd in the UK dropped the Ltd from its name


Chinchillas become ever more popular as pets. However the high price and the lack of  information deter many from attempting to keep them.


Fred Duggins imports new lines from the USA from Jack Jumphries stock


Chinchilla Fur Breeders Association in the UK renamed to the National Chinchilla Society


The Online Chinchilla Club was formed


The Chinchilla Club was split in two to form the Chinchilla Breeders Organisation

Aug 2003

Greenwood Chinchillas established

Jan 2004

Fur farming made illegal in the UK following new legislation

Do you know of any important dates or events regarding chinchillas from any country that should be added to this list?  Please let us know!